Educator Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend JA Inspire Virtual?

We suggest all students in 8th grade participate in the live event.* The benefit and growth is valuable for all.

*Middle or high school students can access the link and explore beginning February 14, 2022.

How can my students participate?

Contact Lisa Morgan at or call 918-949-3816.

What pre-work is available?

JA will provide the school with downloadable career assessments and other tools to evaluate the students’ interests and how they relate to those who are in different careers.

Will there be any type of curriculum during the fair?

Yes. A downloadable workbook will be available to each school. Students may use the workbook during the virtual career fair. The actual experience is self-guided. Students should visit the exhibit halls and auditorium.

Does someone from my school need to be a participant in the event?

Yes, someone will need to be present during the live event to monitor students.

How do students get access to the event?

Schools may provide Junior Achievement of Oklahoma (JAOK) staff with the students’ emails. Then, staff will send log-in information prior to the event. Alternatively, JAOK staff can assign a non-working email address for each student and send the log-in info to the teacher prior to the event.

Will we know which companies will be in attendance prior to event?

Yes. A list of exhibitors can be found here.

Is there a set schedule for day?

No. However, we suggest students visit the booths first and once finished, attend the webinars in the virtual audtorium. Students may revisit booths throughout the day. The workbook allows students to map their course before the day begins.

How will students access the information gathered after the event?

Students will be given a virtual bag. They can add pamphlets, flyers and other information to their virtual bag and email it to themselves. Students are also able to return to their career fair until the end of the school year.

What should I do if I have technology concerns?

Check with your school’s technology department for any firewalls that may deny access for students or teachers.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

How does my sponsorship help my company, Oklahoma students and Junior Achievement of Oklahoma?

Many companies are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. Junior Achievement of Oklahoma’s Inspire Virtual event gives students an opportunity to explore careers they may not have considered previously. This helps grow the future workforce to reduce or eliminate shortages.

Your sponsorship makes this event possible. Your support broadens the horizons of what’s possible for thousands of students across Oklahoma! You’re empowering them to dream bigger!

How many students will participate in JA Inspire Virtual?

JA Inspire will have a minimum of 10,000 students from all over Oklahoma attending the live event in 2022. Not only will students be able to visit booths, download documents, watch videos and explore careers on the Kick-Off Day, but they will be able to return 24/7 for 3 months for repeat visits so that they can show their friends, parents, and guardians or review something they want to look at again or missed on the day of the event.

JA expects thousands of additional students who were unable to attend the live event to visit the site during the extended 90 days.

This gives sponsors and exhibitors recognition over the long-term – beyond the live event and provides a long-term, in-depth opportunity for students.

Does the sponsor need to create a booth?

Yes. The vFairs Platform has created an automated process to create and populate each JA Inspire exhibitor’s booth. JA will send a link to the exhibitor contact and you can begin building your virtual booth. It’s important to have all files gathered before you begin this process! It will take approximately one hour to build your booth. If you would like assistance creating your vFairs booth contact

Who should be my company’s JA Inspire Virtual exhibitor contact?

The JA Inspire exhibitor contact is usually someone from your marketing, HR or talent and recruitment departments. Once you have assigned this project, please forward their contact information to Sandra Brown at She will send your contact all information concerning the event and your exhibitor virtual booth link.

What should I include in my JA Inspire Virtual booth?

Each booth includes the following items:
• Company profile
• Contact information
• Links to company website, and videos posted on YouTube or another site
• Pre-recorded video(s) – optional but highly recommended for students to view after the live event because not all students will be participating live
• Presentations or PDF documents that you want students to download. It is recommended to upload no more than 10 files and give them identifiable names.

Does a live person from my company need to be available the day of the event?

That is an option available to you. If no one is available, the importance of having pre-recorded videos that will engage the students is even greater.

How do I get access to my virtual booth?

The JA staff will send you a link to your booth so that you may access the easy booth uploader. You will be able to choose a booth template that will meet your needs as well as the design and color of your booth.

What are the specifications and size requirements for the photos, graphics, videos, and documents?

When you select your booth template, you will see the specifications for each.

Can I link photos or graphics to my company’s website?

All photos or graphics can be linked to your company website, YouTube, or any other site that will help you tell your story. For protection of our students, we ask that you DO NOT provide links to your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

How will I be able to organize information at my booth?

You will be able to organize your uploaded information into a series of content links that will appear in a menu at the bottom of your booth page. You can name them whatever you want. Examples are: About Us, Careers, Internships, Apprenticeships, Hot Jobs, News and Events, Contact our HR Department, etc.

What kind of content should my videos contain?

• Students will be curious about what they would experience in “a day in the life” of someone who works at your company. You could choose several job types and create low-tech iPhone videos that follow your team members through different job activities.
• You can film a cool chemistry experiment or some other activity that illustrates what your company does.
• You should make sure to include footage of the work environment and the skills that you are looking for in prospective employees.
• You can also use videos that you have already created to promote your company.
• Keep in mind that students will want to take in information in “bite-sized” pieces because they will be excited to explore all of JA Inspire Virtual; for that reason, your videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes each.

What kinds of photos should I post?

For our previous exhibitors, remember all of the stuff you hauled to JA Inspire in past years, such as airplanes, medical dummies, tools, and equipment? You can show students the same things at JA Inspire Virtual. A pdf of an airplane could include an explanation of how pilots perform their jobs or could fascinate students with an explanation of aerodynamics. A pdf of a nurse could describe how fulfilling it is to care for others. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the goal is to inspire students to reach out for careers that they will love.

Each student will have a “virtual backpack” and will be able to download documents. What can we offer for them to download?

Students will be able to download any document that you post at your booth. You might want to post a document that gives students information about internships or apprenticeships. You might want to give them the email address of an individual in your HR department if students (or their parents) want to request additional information about careers at your company. You might even find that a parent applies for a job!

Student Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn at JA Inspire Virtual?

You will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers so you can do whatever you dream of when you’re an adult.

How long will I spend at JA Inspire Virtual?

Approximately 2 hours, but you’ll have access for the remainder of the school year afterward to return and view anything you didn’t have time to the first time or anything you want to revisit. Feel free to share this experience with your family.

What should I expect the day of JA Inspire Virtual?

Once logged in, you can explore the auditorium, participate in a scavenger hunt and explore the exhibitor booths where you’ll learn about careers via video and by downloading files to your virtual bag. You can also chat with company representatives to answer any questions you have about careers at their companies.

Are there any expectations of me the day of JA Inspire Virtual?

Yes. We hope you’ll have a great time exploring the virtual career exploration fair, learning about careers, chatting with company representatives about the careers you’re interested in and participating in the scavenger hunt. To ensure a thriving and respectful environment for all, we ask that you:
• Remember you’re representing your school. Chat will be monitored for inappropriate language and conversations. Inappropriate language or questions won’t be tolerated.
• Keep questions to exhibitors/presenters related to careers at the company or industry you’re visiting.

For additional info, visit this page.

Please see your teacher if you have any questions.

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