Educator Frequently Asked Questions

What is JA Inspire?

JA Inspire is a career exploration program created to showcase Oklahoma companies and careers. The program has three parts. First, students will complete teacher-led lessons (five). Second, students will attend the career exploration fair.  Lastly, students will participate in a final review and reflection in class.

Is JA Inspire in-person or virtual?

For those enrolled, JA Inspire will take place in Oklahoma City on February 8th in person. Tulsa will have a pre-registered two day in-person career fair on March 1st and 2nd. Schools must be registered to attend. Both career fairs have a limited number of spots available.

JA does offer JA Inspire Virtual. Teachers and schools can enroll 8th-12 grade students to participate online.

Who should attend JA Inspire?

JA Inspire welcomes 8th grade students for the in-person career fair. Students in 8th-12th grade can participate in the virtual program.

How do I sign up my students?

This program is available for students across Oklahoma. Please touch base with the office closest to you. 

Tulsa –

OKC – 

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